Imagine an Australian classroom without books and learning resources.

Or a teacher who cannot draw from a learning resource that’s made by Australians?

A dedicated sector in the publishing trade exists to make vital learning tools for Australian teachers and students. Educational publishers bring classroom learning to life with well-research materials that equip the next generation for a future of innovation and change, while also reflecting our diverse voices, heritage and identity.

Educational publishing is a small sector that has immense impact in shaping the nation’s conscience and economy from inside the education system. Their intellectual property is the foundation of a democratic, reading nation. The resources they make enhance literacy and shape cultural understanding, and the knowledge they generate fuels all industries, ultimately driving the economy.

Educational publishers create products for kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary/vocational sectors. 

All for teachers and students: Australian educational publishers have an intimate understanding of teachers’ and learners’ needs and co-create resources with educator experts, all fit for purpose within the curriculum.

Australian-developed educational products are regarded world-wide. Educational publishing is responsible for $165 million dollars of annual revenue associated with exports. While this is a low figure by comparison to other export industries, the cultural diplomacy and leadership this intangibly offers Australia in immeasurable.

The industry celebrates the best learning resources created for primary, secondary and tertiary education in the Educational Publishing Awards Australia. This annual gala event is coordinated by the Australian Publishers Association and held in September in Melbourne.