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OPUS Group CEO Cliff Brigstocke reflects on the changing world of printing services

Ligare Pty Ltd is the largest specialist book and journal printer?????? in NSW, and has been in business since 1979. Part of the OPUS Group, an Asian-Pacific business services and communication solutions company, Ligare provides specialised, integrated and environmentally-friendly printing solutions and value added services across Australia and New Zealand. Offering world class pre-press, printing and binding facilities, the business is an Australian leader in the printing of short to medium size book and journal runs. 

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Meet the Judges: Robert Ashworth

We’re now into the final week of judging, and the final few introductions to our panel of judges before the all-important shortlist is revealed! In this article, Robert Ashworth from McGraw Hill shares his thoughts on the challenges of educational publishing and the experience of being a judge for the awards.

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